I was born and raised in Messina, developing a great passion for technology from a young age. On my first computer, the desktop was filled with .bmp files from Paint, and I used our home internet connection to visit the Lego website and play online games during the Windows 2000 era.

Before figuring out my path, I tried other avenues, including dressing up as Hulk or Super Mario for children’s parties.

Now I live in Monza, near Milan. I work in design, and when I’m not working, I love reading productivity books, playing video games, and taking long walks to clear my mind.

Today I’m collaborating with Talent Garden to make the campus experience smarter and more accessible. I recently collaborated with Fiscozen, an Italian startup committed to simplifying bureaucracy and taxation for Italian entrepreneurs.

I have a mission now: to find innovative solutions to further bridge the gap between design and development.

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Product Designer
Talent Garden Italia

Feb 2023

Product Designer

Sep 2022 – Jun 2023

UX/UI designer (Freelance)

Mar 2020 – Jul 2022

Creative Director (Freelance)
Idib Group

Jun 2019 – July 2022